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Completely transform the overall look and feel of your reception venue with a beautiful uplighting package!  No matter what your vision is, we can create a colorful & immersive experience for your celebration!

All fixtures are LED & wireless (battery-powered) 
No unsightly cables or trip hazards!

Super BRIGHT to be visible even during the day!
Any color you can imagine is possible!  During dinner, we can set all of the lights to your selection to match your wedding color.

During your open dance floor, our lights intelligently synchronize with each other & change color to the beat of the music.  This keeps the vibe & energy alive the entire night!

Your Choice:​​

Basic Uplighting = 8 lights
This package will adequately decorate one side of the reception room.

Full Room Uplighting = 16 lights
This package will transform the entire reception room to create a truly immersive experience!